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Much needed game advice

Big D

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Fellow Old Guys,

I need some playing advice.  I seem to be having an impossible time gaining any tabs.  Many of you have said..."do the missions, and sell everything", so I adopted this approach.  I scrounge for days (working the military base by Telos) to scrape up enough tabs to buy an vehicle with good capacity and some defense/offense ability (Strider HMS).  I then pick what I think is the easiest mission (storage crate), since I am pretty much playing solo.  For example, yesterday I head to the storage drop, pick a high vantage point to snipe, clear the AI, and go pick up loot.  More AI show up, so I go back to high ground and clear them out as well.  I'm finally able to get back to the supply drop.  I no more than finish loading what I can, get in my Strider to drive off and get blasted by artillery.  So what am I doing wrong?  I didn't linger around.  I loaded as fast as I could and tried to move out. 

Is there some faster way to load loot?  Am I using the wrong vehicle?  

I play this game to help relax and clear my mind but it seems like the AI lately has had my number.

Any advice would be appreciated


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Have you tried the VEMF missions? They're the missions that occupy the towns and once completed the loot is really good. Since they are in town you might have a better chance of avoiding AI while you load and make your escape. Also what most of the guys do that are long time players is vehicle hunt. If they manage to find a BTR or something with AI they disable it, the AI jumps out and they kill them and then take the vehicle and sell it. You might try either of these and see if it helps?


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What I've been doing is taking a Tow tractor to Athira and run around killing all the AI that spawn in that town. When the tractor is full with rifles and instadocs it sells for 25-30k.

Occasionally AI vehicles roll trough and if you can take them down it just adds to the pot.

You can use a Vic but I find its more fun to battle on foot :)

RPGs are your best friend

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