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Slappy -- Arma 3 Exile Altis PvE


  1. What server?: Arma 3 Exile Altis PvE
  2. What happened?: My Strider GMG and Tow Tractor (10k capacity version) did that fun thing where they flip over and disappear into the ground. Not sure if the tractor will resurface after a reboot, but the Strider blew up. I'm sad now. Any chance of getting them replaced?
  3. How long?: When did Exile come out?
  4. Extra notes: Apologies if this is the wrong place to bring this problem up, it is a known bug that happens all the time on all servers, you're surely aware of it, because you've helped me with it in the past. I tried the OGG Discord, but nobody was in the HelpDesk area. Also, I am old and it confuses me.
  5. Replication: Yes

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11 hours ago, X8(xeight) said:

Hello, i have put a refund for the vics in your bank. Enjoy.

Hi X8, glad to see you're still running the show over there.  Thanks for the help.

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