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Still alive !

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I dont recall mentioning i had a heart attack ( 29th October 2018 ) and then i had another recently ( 21st February 2020 ) between these dates I was feeling very stressed and so I am sorry to say I vanished from OGG servers and became reclusive - i played some ARK and some DAYZ  as well as some weird game on steam called BANISHED err.

Still its nice to see most of you are still huddled around :)

So big hugs to all ( virtual ) lol

I will be back on the server a bit but to update on my current situation: my wife still has MS and its a bit worse than before, we still have the dogs,  my son is still lazy, but that said I have had a fun time with my medical side.

In 2018 i had my 1st heart attack and that resulted in 2 stents but they missed a partial blockage so for most of that time until Feb this year i was having chest pain, was told it was nothing to worry about, wrong. I was rushed into hospital, it felt like I had been kicked by a small pony, while in the local hospital it got worse and they gave me a massive dose of Morphine and blood thinners, so about 1 am there i am strapped to a stretcher with oxygen bottle between my legs a heart rate monitor ballanced on my groin and a GTA drip being beld my the 3rd ambulance man as we took a mad dash to another hosptial 15 miles away - blues and sirens the lot. Had my 3rd stent and another 3 days in Cardiac Care ( same ward ) as before.

So then in the past month since that event I have had several trips to hospital again for racing heart and arrhythmia then they discovered i have developed a hiatus hernia so now i have even more drugs, doctors have also put me on something called Citalopram for my Agoraphobia which is worse now because of Covid-19 ( agoraphobia:  fear of leaving home sort of ).

Here is a brief summary:


Agoraphobia is often misunderstood to be simply a fear of leaving home, however, this is not quite accurate. Agoraphobia is a phobia of being in a situation where escape would be difficult or impossible, or help would be unavailable if a panic attack should occur.

So you can see life i err funny sometimes.

I have also discovered I am sensitive to Tannin and Caffeine which makes my heart leap about and race unexpectedly. Some foods and drinks also react giving me heart palpitations, soooo I am on caffeine free tea ( not so nice ), no sugar but sweeteners, small meals/snacks, juice most days and I am overweight so I should be doing a lot more exercise but Agoraphobia and Covid-19 restrictions = couch potato.

One other thing, violent events or things in games sometimes trigger uncontrolled heart beats :( so trying to find things that are calm is hard when i play ark/dayz/arma/etc ....

If you hear screams of terror thats me ingame ;)


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