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weapons crate

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So first off, hello all nice to be on a server that actually has a forum to post stuff on.

So am i a bit dull or missing something here in that i cant sell weapons crates to waste dump (unless there loaded in a vehicle and you sell the vehicle) or get an option to sell to a trader from crate. Its kind of annoying haveing to move items from the crate to my vehicle or backpack so i can sell them.

Like i said i must be missing someting.

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Hi Doc,

Last I recall there should be a method already there,

Players are able to loaded items in vehicles. See the below change log:

  • Only able to sell directly loaded items (Level 1) 
  • Example:
    • Hunter has a tow tractor  and crate loaded inside
      • Tow Tractor has a crate loaded
    • Selling the hunter's loaded cargo will result in the losing the profit for the crate inside the tow tractor 
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Hello and welcome Doc

I have seen a few players leaving there crates stroon about so I will explain the best i can with pictures.

  • Once mission is completed Scroll wheel on crate to get 3 options
    • Inventory - Loot through your bountiful loot
    • Take Crate - Take the crate and you CAN run with it by Pressing yout zero key on your numpad
    • Load Crate - Loads the crate into "MOST"  vehicles 


  • Once you have Click on Load Crate into, were going to make sure we are with in 25m of our vehicle and scroll wheel again
    • at the VERY top of the list were going to choose ...Load in " Your Vehicle Name Here"


  • Now once were at the Trader and with in 50m of the waste dump, scroll wheel on this guy


  • Now you'll get 4 options PER vehicle you have gotten into the driver seat in the play session.
    • BE SURE which vehicle your are selling from, you don't want to sell your 30 titan missiles by accident. lol
  • Vehicle Cargo - This is the Inventory of your Vehicle
  • Loaded Contents Cargo - This is the Inventory of the Crate INSIDE your Vehicle 
  • Loaded Contents + Cargo - This is the inventory of the Crate AND THE CRATE "No Tabs for the Crate"
  • Vehicle + All Cargo - This is the Inventory of the Vehicle, the Inventory of the Crate, The Crate itself, and The Vehicle itself 



    • Example Vest has an Instadoc on it. if you sell the loot from your vehicle it will ONLY see the vest.
    • Same goes to the loot inside a Tow Tractor that is Loaded inside your Vehicle.
      • Waste Dump will only see the Tow Tractor and not the loot inside of it.

I hope this helps

Enjoy and have fun



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