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ARMA 3 Christmas Event, Rules & Prizes


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Beginning this Sunday thru Monday, starting 4pm Central, players may compete in multiple rounds of Vehicle Based PVP Combat. Prizes include: Prestige Vehicles, Trader Vehicles, Tow Tractors, Respect, Tabs, and Building supplies. Teleports, heals and Event Vehicles will be supplied by the admin team hosting the event, no purchase is necessary, and there is nothing to lose. Read below for further details, rules and prizes.

December 23rd, Sunday, 4pm - 8pm
Aircraft PVP featuring: AH-6M's, loaded with x1 Gau-19 & x1 Hydra rocket pod

December 24th, Monday, 4pm - 8pm
Tank PVP featuring: Challenger Mk. 2 (BAF Snow Model- "Frosty The Tank™" )

> A player has won, when their vehicle is the last one operational
> A Tie is declared when at least two tanks are operational, but unable to fire
> Ties will be broken by coin toss
> Firing on players exiting their vehicles is expressly forbidden
> Players who stray from PVP Area, to do anything but rearm, will be prompted to return, or be disqualified by Hellfire™
> Players will be allowed to rearm from specified rearming zones, if rearming zones are provided
> Players who fire upon vehicles rearming, will be disqualified
> Players may still fire upon players who attempt to reach rearming station, but not once they reach the rearming stations
> At least four (4) rounds will be played until restart, to give the most amount of chances for players to win
> Individual Players may only win one (1) First Place Prize, per player, for that event, no matter how many rounds are played
> Individual Players who have already won a First Place Prize, but win another round, are entitled to a *Secondary prize
> Players who have won a First Place Prize in the Aircraft PVP Event, are still eligible to win a First Place Prize in the Tank Event
> This ensures that more people get a chance at First Place

Prizes per round:
(1) First Place- Any **None-Account-Unlocked Prestige Vehicle (OR) 100k rep

(1) Second Place- Any one (1) vehicle from any Trader
(1) Third Place- One (1) Tow Tractor w/Random Building supplies
(ALL) Participants- Will receive 50k pop tabs per completed round

*Secondary Prize will be Players choice, of a Second or Third place prize, to be awarded in place of the First Prize, if one has already been awarded to that player for that days event- and will not preclude a Second or Third place winner, from receiving their prize.

**None-Account-Unlocked Prestige Vehicles are vehicles from the prestige list, but are not bound to your account. They are one off, so if you lose them, you lose them.

Good luck to all, and see you on the battlefield.

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