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Static Mission Pistol Challenge

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Certainly. The usual rule of no vehicles to be used to attack the mission stands. You can still use vehicles as transport.

You must do the mission alone.

Any clothing, food, drink, meds that you like.

The only thing you may attack the AI with is a standard pistol or revolver of your choice. Not an automatic or semi-auto version.

No grenades, rockets, explosives.

And no other weapons.

Smoke grenades hand or hand launcher do not damage the AI so are acceptable, (no vehicle smokes)

You must complete the STATIC mission without dying.

You may leave the mission to return to your vehicle or to the trader to restock your gear if needed. If you die traveling back to your vic or trader that will count as a fail.

Do announce that you are taking the challenge and have an admin present to observe.

Taking this challenge is the only occasion a STATIC mission can be Claimed.

The reward is of course all the loot you get from the mission plus one million tabs and bragging rights for being the first to do it.

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