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Style of bases Id like to make if possible.

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Hi, My name is Surrealz. Newly joined this server 2 days ago and after playing for a few hours and starting to have some money and vehicles to buy I need a base to store them.

Thus this post see'ing as some of my base idea's are partially mention/banned in Rules.


I have 2 base idea's/Layout I've wanted to try.


So here Goes, The first idea is to take the 2 docks. my idea is explained in the picture below, Also exact coordinates are 127141 bottom right of NeoChori below terminal/main trader. The area is already scouted and clear of any base.

2nd Dock Idea. Picture posted Location 154157, Below Power plant.

My 2nd Idea is an "Overpass/ Walkway" Over a Main road. Obviously, I'd make the opening much larger to accommodate ANY and ALL Vehicle to pass through with ease. 



ALL Pictures explaining or example of what I am thinking about are attached to this post.

I am also open to any advice or idea's for the bases or my future base itself. I hope to hear from anybody who can give me the go ahead on these building plan's. 


Ill probably be on TS3 or Ill check this post every day. Thank you and hope to see everyone in game :D








Edited by Surrealz
Added a 2nd Base Idea.
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Hello and welcome to the server, cool looking bases. They will still have to adhere to the building rules in your XM8.

The town base there looks like its inside or on the edge of a town which is too close, the bridge over the road is fine as long as all vehicles can drive under it, so not blocking the road. Move it far enough back from the edge of town and youre good to go.

The pier base looks cool, I'd like to see that, but again the placement of the flag will have to be careful to keep proper distance from the military buildings.

If unsure of the details or need help with measurements ask an admin to come help or get in teamspeak.

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