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December Change Log

Altis PvE:

[NEW] Server moved to different box 

  • Server using extdb3 instead of extdb2

[NEW] Player name tags from the malden server 

[NEW] Added accurate restart timer in status bar

[NEW] Added xsSpawn script

  • Halo and ground selection

[NEW] Added ExAD Xm8

  • Customizable stats bar
  • View distance ( 3 settings )
  • Apoc airdrops
  • Spawn quad
  • BRAma Cookbook

[NEW] Added automatic prestige shop

  • No longer requires an admin for purchase or insurance
  • Buy your vehicles with respect and locker funds
  • Claim insurance with poptabs
  • Ground vehicles will be airdropped
  • Air vehicles will require player to be at trader and they spawn around you

[NEW] Added vehicle protection system  

  • Persistent vehicles are invincible on server restart, but only if they are locked in a territory where the vehicle owner has build permissions.
  • Vehicles left outisde a territory will be vulnerable 
  • If a friend with the code uses one of your vehicles, that specific vehicle is vulnerable until restart.

[IMPROVED] Sell crate script

  • Players will now get respect from selling crates
  • Players are able to loaded items in crates
    • Only able to sell directly loaded items (Level 1)
    • Example:
      • Hunter has a tow tractor  and crate loaded inside
        • Tow Tractor has a crate loaded
      • Selling the hunter's loaded cargo will result in the losing the profit for the crate inside the tow tractor

[IMPROVED] Some changes to view distance setting

[IMPROVED] Theoretically improved server performance

[REMOVED] Bikes on the roads

[REMOVED] Removed old xm8 apps

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December Bug Fixes

Altis PvE:

[FIXED] Issue where engima revive was going through the process but not reviving

[FIXED] Changed revive time from 2 minutes to 5 minutes

[FIXED] Loot spawns on the map not working

[FIXED] Issue where vehicle protection script was respawning the virtual garage vehicles

[FIXED] Spawn quad not working

[FIXED] Recipes not loading and BRama recipe list

[REMOVED] Vehicle protection script

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January 2nd Changes

Altis PvE:

[FIXED] Issue where it was possible for players to sell spawned quad bikes

[FIXED] Issues with the prestige shop

  • Removed duplicate Apaches (anyone with the duplicate had their prestige vehicle changed)
  • Fixed some vehicle description errors 

[NEW] Added floating player name tags (appear at 3k meters)

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    January 21st Changes

    Altis PvE:

    [NEW] Added ability for players to 'salvage' vehicles'

    • Allows for the removal of dead bodies from destroyed vehicles

    [NEW] Added ability for players do scroll wheel actions on tracked vehicle

    [FIXED] Issues with the prestige shop

    [FIXED] Issues with fresh Bambis not getting can openers

    • Instead of having 3 PDW mags, they will now have 2 mags
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      March Changes

      Altis PvE:

      [UPDATE] Brought the exile version up to 1.0.4

      [NEW] XM8

      • Added GUI compass
      • Added toggeable base markers on map (only shows your base(s))
      • Added Apoc Airdrop Assistance 

      [NEW] Enabled "rainy" and "thunderstorms"

      [NEW] Enabled earthquakes

      [NEW] Added a small amount of server spawned vehicles

      [Changes] XM8

      • AH-1Z's are now called "Viper" instead of "Cobra"
      • Moved Jets that were in the "NonHind" category to the "Jets" category
      • Added categories to BRAmaRecipes

      [FIXED] Issues with the prestige shop



      • Issue with the status bar displaying "anyanyany..."
      • Virtual Garage being blocked by Infistar
      • The return of the feared spawn zone bicycles
      • Unable to sell some vehicles 
      • Issue where the Base Marker app blanks out the xm8
        • removed the app for now
      • Apoc Airdrop Assistance doesn't show any purchase options
      • Unable to revive downed players when having a defibrillator in inventory
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      May Changes

      [NEW] Exile Portal

      • Added a web portal for interacting with the Exile Servers. Can be found here
      • Features:
        • Live Map
        • Vehicle Management
        • Player Marketplace (sell and buy items)
        • Supply Kits
        • Territory Management

      [UPDATE] Infistar

      • Updated infistar to the latest version
      • Added vision client to the server

      [Changes] Spawn Zones

      • Spawn Zones now have 3 vehicles (hatchback and offroad) to help out bambi's

      [Changes] Players

      • Players joining the server will receive 500,000 respect and 1 million pop tabs
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      January Changes

      [NEW] Exile Portal

      • Added vehicles to live map

      [Changes] Exile Portal

      • Optimized some things on the portal

      [NEW] Altis PvE Server

      • Added Extended base mod

      [Changes] Altis PvE Server

      • Changed vote day/night to the following:
        • 66% Minimum vote requirement
        • 75% Popular vote to change to day/night
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