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    Was wondering if possible to add this helicopter as a prestige item.
  2. Like to point out if you have a lot of Ram > 16g 32g or 64g you can and you should turn off Page file, since the transfer speed / buffer is slower, this causes a game lag even when your FPS is above 30. If you have SSD page file will constantly read/write to the SSD which is not good as well. It is funny when people say your computer never uses more then 8g of ram but have page file turned on, then you find Arma 3, watching a video, recording ect can get your ram usage up to 14g. They never see those numbers because of page file allocation. I like to test out RAM Disk for the game but have not yet. Like to point out got my ram use up to 28g out of 64g playing arma at least.
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