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  1. Lilith et al, Despite my reluctance to put my faith in the gods, I've been compelled by a higher power, possessed even of divine provenance, to implore you to bestow upon me those heavenly accoutrements you see fit to. My hands have been dripping blood for decades, across three different continents and two apocalypses. I do not deserve any godly boons. But I have also created, protected, guided and mentored throughout 17 years of history in this world. I have shielded the realm from disaster, uprooted treachery, cast down your false peers, strangled the life from usurpers, tyrant
  2. Good evening all, ACTION We are pleased to announce the activation of "operational" trade-posts on the server. BACKGROUND OGG has decided to implement a prominent mod for the server in the form of the "Nyuton.net trade post client mod for LIF:YO". This is a client-side downloadable mod that allows players to utilize and operate FUNCTIONAL trade-posts. LINKS The Installation guide/mod download - is located here: https://nyuton.net/tradeposts-mod-life-is-feudal-your-own/ The Trade-post Mod Guide - is located here: https://nyuton.net/feudal
  3. Good evening everyone, As of this post, the war between FIRST LEGION AURELIAN and HELM's DEEP is officially declared as over. Helm's Deep continues to decay and has dropped down to T2. Additionally the opposing side has gone inactive and/or quit the server. May the odds be forever in your favor Sincerely, Rex OGG Staff
  4. In consultation with the staff, the pitched battle for this war will take place at 2000 EST, 24 Aug 2018. Stay tuned to the event thread in the next few days for a detailed event break-down of the pitched battle. May the odds be forever in your favor. Rex
  5. Good evening all, CONTEXT Utrid Ragnarson has been a continuous source of friction in the realm since 1050. Note - what follows are the major milestone events in Utrids long story of inciting conflict in the Realm. This pattern is common, and essentially unchanged since 1050 (14 in-game years). The Western Reach has never become embroiled in these conflicts, as they have not involved us, but that has changed, and this is why. He incited a war in 1051 by poaching materials in Broken Heel, which was a catalyst for the conflict between the Imperium of Canada and The Guard
  6. The following Resource Node Contests are confirmed Wildlands Docks Southern Hook Docks The Contest will happen 05 Aug 2018 Timing: 1900-2100 EST May the Odds be Forever in your favour. Rex
  7. The Reach has unified. In response to the collective threat against its citizens, and the desire to be something more than disparate villages, the claims of Western Reach have met and found common cause. For the Glory of Rome and the Western Reach. I affirm before Jupiter, that I, Raginwald Artor have been asked to lead the Reach by its citizens and I have agreed. To some, I am a servant, others a soldier, a few call me friend, and many have called me enemy; to the Reach, I am Bellum Dominum - Warmaster. And so, I declare to the Realm the following: **Be it known
  8. WILDLANDS - RESOURCE NODE TWO - MINE TIER - 3 OWNER - Praetorian Guard STATUS - uncontested RESOURCE DEPOSIT LOG 22 Jul 18 - Completed (39 Gold Ingots) 29 Jul 18 - Completed (39 Gold Ingots) 05 Aug 18 - FAILED (Mine Collapsed) 19 Aug 2018 - completed (79 Gold Ingots) - Double Load The hardy peoples of Wildlands celebrated for days when they first struck gold near the edges of the oozing swamp in 1050. The gold rush that resulted caused massive expansion in the otherwise undesirable location. Euphoria turned to greed, which rotted to envy and
  9. WILDLANDS - RESOURCE NODE ONE - DOCKS TIER - 2 OWNER - The Den STATUS - Uncontested RESOURCE DEPOSIT LOG 22 Jul 18 - Completed (333 Hanks of Linen, 357 Small Repair Kits) 29 Jul 18 - Completed (214 Flux) 05 Aug 2018 - Completed (50,000 coins) 19 Aug 2018 - FAILED (Lamp-Posts Destroyed) The dock was the only thing keeping our settlement going. Its weekly supply runs provided all the essentials, and if the merchants had a particularly lucrative run, they would bring specialties from across the ocean! The townsfolk would flock to the docks at th
  10. DETAILS This Event will occur at 8pm EASTERN on 14 JUL 2018. ALL OF THE DETAILS ARE THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL WITCH SIEGE with the following exceptions: SHOULD THE SIEGE FAIL - the witches will be buoyed with power, and there is the potential that the Dark Father will be able to manifest in physical form within the realm (this is a bad thing...) The Dark Father is a magnitude of evil far beyond the witches. THE ONLY DEFENSE IS TO HAVE AN ACTIVE SHRINE BURNING IN YOUR CLAIM (fueled by god's favor). MARBLE IS USELESS AGAINST THE DARK FATHER. I
  11. SCENARIO The Darkness had been dealt a solid blow. A unity of valiant crusaders had pushed the witches from their foul graveyard, driving them back to the mountain, and delaying the manifestation of the Dark Father. But evil will not be halted, it will not be denied - and the indomitable will of the Dark Father would not be denied. Foul energies curled around the Witch Outpost on the Mountain, and the Witches themselves walked the country-side once more - killing any who strayed into their path....or drew their attention. But, they had been dealt a blow, some of the dark harlots had b
  12. The Soul Taker screamed wordlessly as he was wrenched out of his sweat-soaked slumber. He slept a lot these days, writhing in silent agony within his empty, dark halls, desperately trying to resist the pull of the dark power within the Mountain. He rarely took his armor off, and he knew he was slowly fading away into a dark wraith. A shadow of what he had once been. The witches dominated his will at all hours, sometimes delighting in leaving him to scream into the dark, and others maniacally compelling him to ride through the night for victims to cull. He welcomed it, even as his sou
  13. DETAILS Stop the rite! The Witches, swelled with unholy power, are attempting to complete an arcane rite in a dingy swamp that will render RAW MARBLE INERT. Choose a side! Players may defend the witches or attack them. Lucrative! Loot is available for whichever side you choose to back. DEFENDING THE WITCHES - will give you rewards of Dark God's Favor, as well other heaps of rewards, and bounty per Attacker head. ATTACKING THE WITCHES - will give you God's Favor per dead witch, as well as rewards for each Witch head, Defender Head, as well as the loot held
  14. SCENARIO The fetid bog of the swamp bubbled with corpse gas. It burped into the air obscenely, wreathing the vegetation with an eerie smoke, shaded sick greens and yellows by the flames flickering around the unholy grave-yard. Unnatural shadows concentrated at specific points, a demonic pyre at the center of each, pregnant with malevolent purpose. The dark coven of demon sisters stalked through the graves, touching extinguished censors and ritual fires to ignite them. With each grave lit, a new spectral humidity settled over the grave-yard, bouying the power of the witches even furthe
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