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  1. Rollback occurred,

     Unfortunately there will be no compensation for the recent rollback the reason for this is as follows, to fix the claims / help you will take around 2+ hours per claim there are 22 claims therefore we are looking at upwards of 24 hours of just helping, and in the time we get round to everyone it'd have been quicker to do it yourself. If you decide to leave I am sorry to hear that and wish you all the best, if you are staying with us I'm very sorry for what has happened and we will do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Regards Troublesim

  2. What server?: Life is Feudal
    What happened?: Crash
    How long?: Varies
    Extra notes: Server initially crashed yesterday. Restarted and ran fine for the next 3 hours then crashed again 3 times in quick succession.
    Server then has lock put on and was fine till this morning where 2 further crashes have occurred.
    People who have had problems are to submit a Help Desk Ticket
    Replication: Yes

  3. Firstly sorry for the delayed response combination of A+E and work.

    On 8/23/2017 at 2:39 PM, Colin said:

    Slow downloadspeeds can be a real pain believe me, I live in the country and had to make do with 300-500kb/s for a long time, my solution was D/L overnight.

    New mods dont all have to be added at the same time it is something that can be done over a period of time, I know you dont like the "W" word so how would it be  if after a server "RESET":ph34r:  a new mod could be added every couple of months, It would spread the downloads and give the Devs time to look into each one, could even help to hold players longer if they know that every 2-3 months something new is on the way ?

    That all makes sense if you already have some of the mods, I look at it as if you where looking for a server to play on and downloading 50 GB is a straight no.

    Changing the Mods around, I can see a benefit in that however may require a lot of start up work.

    On 8/23/2017 at 2:39 PM, Colin said:

    Something that woud happen after a "W":ph34r: ?

    Yes otherwise the server would crash.

    On 8/23/2017 at 2:39 PM, Colin said:

    How would it be if all Armed Helicopters are put on the prestige list after a server "W" ? 

    That;'s all on @Crunn(X8)

  4. So in terms of mods the simple answer is no we are not adding new Mods. The long answer and reason is that we don't want to force players to download more things to play on the server it puts people off, and while you can get some really good things it can result in a 30GB download and for some people that can take hours and hours, therefore we are not adding new mods, the exception is Extended base mod (see below)

    However this doesn't mean we are not doing anything, so VG (Virtual Garage) The only thing now left is to integrate it with the current XM8_Apps, as they are currently on different versions. Once this is sorted then this should be implemented.

    The addition of Deploy vehicle is being added therefore Bikes are to be removed, no more road blocks.

    Extended Base Mod is coming, as soon as they remove a crippling bug from it which they have said they are doing.

    And finally in terms of ZCP, I need to talk to X8 about the setup of certain parameters. 


    Just some more information in terms of the Dev Team.

    The Dev team is not all completely setup yet part due to time restraint and other security aspects we are in the process of sorting out.

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  5. I love the mod I've played with Maca and have tested things for/with him, however I am not a full time scripter / developer I have to work a job and then do things for OGG so my time is very very limited until we get a full development team adding this sort of thing patching it for updates etc is a bit of time away, I will put it on a test server to see how it reacts to it all.

    No amount of bribery will work, what will work is if you manage to get me 2-4 more hours in the day. ;) 

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  6. 28 minutes ago, Colin said:

    Personally I find that the Malden is to small for  PvE/ base building, when you have 20-30 flag poles up then you are basically in each others back garden. If you want to have 15-25 players on then you will need the missions to keep the players occupied, again this will cause problems because the map is to small and everybody will get in each others way.


    Thank you for this I can understand where you are coming from, the only issue we run into is having to much of the same on 2 servers the same map etc. and then it may split players and then if players want something different they go somewhere else.

    31 minutes ago, Colin said:

    I have never really been a fan of zombie mods but hey some people enjoy them, but 99% of these players are happy on other servers for whatever reason and getting them to come on the OGG  server you have to offer them something new , something better and that is not the case with server 2 at the moment. Most players that I have talked to find it more annoying than fun so they don´t play there often, this is reflected by the average player numbers.

    Duly noted thank you.

    31 minutes ago, Colin said:

    Do I really have to list the options that are open to us when our forums are full of suggestions FROM THE PLAYERS!!


    That is for just the one server or the server that the suggestions section is under, there is currently no open topic about what server people want to see, even after the last community meeting there where no suggestions.

    35 minutes ago, Colin said:

    On a side note, not understanding why certain things are being done on certain maps is classed as complaining, then maybe I should STFU and let you get on with it.

    That is not the case but saying what you did was not a question it was a statement that I took for complaining as it had no question within it and was stating that we had made a bad decision and had no 'hey this is a better idea/suggestion' if that is not the case I am sorry, community input is something we truly rely on and we greatly appreciate it.


    An Arma 3 Meeting is planned for THURSDAY 27TH JULY at 18:00 CST (19:00 EST) The meeting can be attended by ALL Arma 3 Players. The meeting will take place on the OGG Teamspeak Server.

    Please spread the word on the servers!!

    While attendance is not mandatory the more people we get the better the meeting will also be recorded. (You do not have to be on the whole time) There will be a discussion opened up after the meeting, this will be moderated heavily to ensure nothing goes off-topic.

    Meeting Agenda

    • Server 1 Rebuild
    • Server 2 restructure
    • Reborn
    • Use on the forums
    • When you should/shouldn't ask for an admin
    • Feedback on the Servers

    If you have any further things you wish to be discussed please post it below.



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  8. 21 hours ago, Colin said:

    Totally agree, I never really understood why this choice of map/mods was made when there are other options

    The reason we did this was to get a new map and try and revitalise server 2, and as reborn is out of development we decided not to post it as it would add more work load per patch. If you have any suggestions please post them instead of just complaining.


    On 7/17/2017 at 1:53 AM, Windamere said:

    Ok I tried this server over and over...My honest opinion....it's ok but needs some of the mods the other servers have...

    and if you have control of the zombie mod....yeah they could be lowered by 50%....both in numbers and speed of the runners,

    In Bambi mode had 5-10 runner zombies chase me through three towns...couldn't lose them and not enough starting ammo to stop and fight them....

    the attack power of the zombies seemed ok..not too harsh not to soft....


    Like the server though..tried it for two days but just couldn't get anything accomplished because of the amount of Zerg's when spawning in.....

    Thank you for this I am looking into changing the way the zombies work on the serve, however I am very busy doing all sorts of things in real life and the community. I will do my best to do some tests during this week to further see what setting they need to be changed to. 

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  9. There are 2 issues with this mod,

    1) As we run a Reborn server, reborn is no longer in development therefore if we add this in we'd have to personally script in patches, and fixes to make it work.

    2) It is very unstable at times and can result in players falling and dying, getting stuck, getting launched in the air etc. therefore more admins would be needed and then a new set of rules to be drafted so that we can deem what is a server-side issue or a bug in general that admins are not needed for.

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  10. Further Update more tests carried out this morning provided some mixed results.

    Therefore if players can do the following: plant saplings net to known invisible tree spots, if the trees appear destroy them then wait until server restart and see if it is still there..

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