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  1. Ya all but 2 where found, this event is over now but we will do another one soon.
  2. Event Start : 21/3/22 The All New "Hide and Seek...….The tank" Event is now live. Deviously hidden around the map of Altis are 3 tanks just ripe for the taking, All you need to do is find them and enter the code 2022 and they all yours. And as a super special bonus Locked away within is metal coffins is...….. Money, "cabbage", "dosh","loot","bones","folding stuff" well you get the point. But only one has the top bonus prize of 30 moneys that equals 75000 tabs when sold at you local trader, Now that a lot of cat food there. the other will only 15 moneys that 37000 in roman catholic. So what are you waiting for, Go forth young man and my luck be in you side. The Tanks to find Are as follows: FV510 Warrior ,AWC 304 NYX (Claimed) ,M6 Line-backer, GTX Boxer (GMG)
  3. Go into the discord if you can, and call for admin (@admin). there normal someone around.
  4. Although we appreciate you doing this (God knows we need something to do) Your going to need to be a bit more specific on where these things are. Just saying "around the map" and "exactly 6048m from the main trader" Is kind of like saying "i want you to go into the ocean and find one specific fish". Its a big bloody map you know, would be nice if we knew say if it was in a town, building or by certain size mountain shaped like a penis, anything..... throw us a bone here. Thank you for you time
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