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  1. Scenario: The night is dark and the dockyards are bustling. A lone ship approaches the jetty and docks. A man wearing exquisitely tailored clothing, gaudy in its ostentation steps off the hastily extended gangplank and surveys the area. He pauses to inquire of the dock workers and hangers on that crowd him while gesturing for the help to have his cart moved from his ship. His menials harness a beautiful stallion to the cart and he begins his sauntering journey into these new lands. As he begins to move, the cart rocks on the uneven joint between dock and land and sets the cargo to clanging and jostling. The man snorts, annoyed, before spurring the horse to carry on. He doesn't notice that one of the restraining ropes has broken free, and the concealing tent flap briefly reveals the warm golden light of luxury goods and the finest ores and equipment money, and influence, can buy. The exposure is brief, but those who see gawp in awe, imagining what further riches could be concealed inside. Sequence 1. On July 13, 2019 at 7pm EST, the traveling trader will arrive in the trade district. 2. The traveling trader will be selling a large variety of items from all over the world! You simply ask the trader if he possesses the items you seek, and pay him with gold, silver, and copper coins (Most items and qualities will be available with some exceptions). 3. If players are looking to buy a large number of items (Such as shaped granite), they need to bring their own carts to the trader. 4. at 9pm EST the trader will pack up his wares and head home. Details: 1. Blood Free! There will be NO pvp during this event (In the trade district) 2. Theft free! There is no stealing of any kind during the event (In the trade district) 3. Vulnerable! Once you leave the safety of the trade district roads inside the gates, you are vulnerable to attack and theft! 4. If a player engages in pvp or theft in the trade district, they will be disciplined.
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