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  1. On the 11th day of Christmas my LIF God sent to me, a decorated chest full of mystery! To find the 11th day of Christmas chest, search in Dane Valley! There is a bonus in the chest for the first person to find it!
  2. On the 8th day of Christmas my LIF God sent to me, a decorated chest full of mystery! To find the 8th day of Christmas chest, search among the Trade District mountains! There is a bonus in the chest for the first person to find it!
  3. Scenario: The scent of blood could be detected from the highest reaches of the stadium, as it soaked the sand. The smell of feces is almost as bad, the blood soaked and wound ridden bodies are all over the area as servants move back and forth carrying the bodies to a cart to be wheeled off, while another cart filled with sand is used to cover the blood up so as to prevent the next warriors from slipping on the blood soaked sand. The emperor rises as the last few shovels of sand is spread and the last cart carrying bodies departs, and raises his hands, as the clamor from the crowd fades to silence. Once the silence is so deafening that a single pin dropping on a sheet of metal could be heard by all. He proclaims in a thunderous voice as it reverberates through the arena. “Men and women of these realms, i warn you, the battles previously were merely for entertainment of all, the real battle is about to begin!” He lowers his hands and waves it across the arena towards all of the spectators. “The real battle will be a battle of only the finest slaves, found all across the realm, the warriors it took many times their number to subdue. The bandits who could not be killed and only captured! The band of warriors who would only submit because they faced a massively overwhelming force.” The emperor snaps his fingers, and a servant hauling a cart filled with a massive pile of coin, a very fine set of armor and an exquisite looking weapon along with other things, comes walking out and parades the cart around before moving back inside. “The winner of this tournament will receive this prize, along with HIS FREEDOM!” Raises his hand triumphantly and the crowd begins screaming. “LET THE WARRIORS BEGIN THEIR BLOOD THIRSTY VENTURE FOR FREEDOM!!!!” He roars, and the crowd begins frantically screaming in pursuit of his words. The gates raise and groups of slaves bearing separate markings on their armor begin walking through the gate frantically looking around at their competitors along with gawking in awe at the stadium around them. A hush befalls, and the emperor holds out his hand, and slowly extends his thumb towards the ground, and one of the slaves immediately rears his hand axe back and releases it with all of his might at the nearest opponent. Sequence: 1. On Sunday, December 22 at 8:00pm EST, Participants will arrive at the arena in the trade district no later than 10 minutes after the start of the event. 2. First event will be a team fight 4v4 (groups may self-identify) 3. Second event will be 2v2 (pairs may self identify, GM will pair up leftovers) 4. Third event will be a 1v1 meat grinder. Players will be paired randomly. The victor will remain in the arena with no opportunity of healing, besides bleeding wounds and broken bones. The first participant to win 3 fights consecutively will win the prize. If no player wins 3 consecutive rounds, the player with the highest number of consecutive wins will be the ultimate victor. If there is a tie, the two players will battle each other for the ultimate victory. Details: 1. There will be blood! Normal pvp rules apply 2. No looting! There is no looting of tombstones allowed (Any player who loots will be kicked and disciplined) 3. Arm yourself! Bring any weapons you would like, and any T1 or T2 armors (Skins removed). 4. No alchemy! Potions, preps and poisons are not allowed. 5. All that glitters! All prizes will be handed out at the end of the event. If you wish to have your prizes delivered to your claim to avoid an attack, you're welcome to ask the GM. Rewards: Rewards for the 4v4 bracket 1x Q80 weapon of choice 1x Q80 set of T2 armor of choice 15x gold coins Rewards for the 2v2 bracket 1x Q90 weapon of choice 1x Q90 set of T2 armor of choice 25x gold coins 1x building kit choice of region 24x 100Q flux Rewards for the 1v1 meat grinder 1x 100Q weapon of choice 1x q80 t3 armor set of choice 50x gold coins 2x building kit choice of region 60x 100Q flux An armor stand placed on the outer edge of the arena with the warriors name, to be recognized for all time.
  4. On the 7th day of Christmas my LIF God sent to me, a decorated chest full of mystery! To find the 7th day of Christmas chest, search among the Stortford mountain range! There is a bonus in the chest for the first person to find it!
  5. On the second day of Christmas my LIF God sent to me, a decorated chest full of mystery! To find the 2nd day of Christmas chest, search where three rivers converge! Remember: To redeem your gift, you must take a screenshot (F12) at the location of the chest, and post it to this thread!
  6. On the first day of Christmas my LIF God sent to me, a decorated chest full of mystery! To find the first day of Christmas chest, check around the area where your journey on this land first began! Remember: To redeem your prize, you must take a screenshot (F12) at the location of the chest, and post it to this thread!
  7. Scenario: The ship rocked to and fro on the choppy blue waters below. Anxious vikings paced back and forth, their scratched and worn armor was shining in the sun. It had been a long journey, and their blades were thirsty for blood. They had heard of this mysterious land before. Their ancestors before them had once pillaged this land. It had been rich in resources and blood. Over time the land had become barren and lifeless. Many years had passed since then, and a rumor had flown on the wind to the ears of their king. Life was becoming rich there once more. The mountains had replenished their resources, animals roamed the lands in plenty, and settlers had returned. Now was the time to strike! Their ship was filled with supplies, enough to begin their new home in these fresh new lands. "Land!" The forward scout shouted. The captain stood and quickly moved to the bow. Peering through narrowed eyes at the shadow of land ahead, he shouted to the crew, "Greida (Make ready)...Today we bring fear...Today we fill our hold with riches of this new land." The warriors gripped their sword hilts as heat rose from chest to brow and in unison replied, "Odin owns you all." Sequence: 1. At 4pm EST on Sunday, December 15, 2019 a group of viking raiders will arrive on a ship. 2. Players will be given clues as to the location of the raiders. 3. Your objective is to defeat the raiders and loot their ship. 4. The GMs will not be policing the loot, that is up to the players! 5. There's not just loot INSIDE the ship, but ON TOP of it too! You will have to figure out a way to get the loot on top of the ship. Details: 1. There will be blood! Normal pvp rules will apply 2. The NPCs will have 150 stats. They will be clad in armor, blade and blunt weapons, and loot! 3. There may be multiple waves of fighting off raiders 4. If players contest the sharing of loot, you may have to fight off other players!
  8. Scenario: As the days and nights grew colder, there was a feeling of the holiday spirit in the air. Silent snow flakes began to descend from the sky, covering the land in a clean, white blanket. Villagers would happily prance about the forest with their families to bring home a Christmas tree, and decorate it with hand-made ornaments and candles. Wreaths were placed on front doors, and stockings were hung by the fire with care. The children were brimming with excitement for the Gods to bring them gifts, and fill their homes with much cheer. Hopefully their mothers and fathers were up to the tasks ahead to bring their family a Merry Christmas! Sequence 1. Starting on December 14th, each day the Gods will be placing a decorated chest of an item of random quality in a random location for players to find. 2. Once you find the item in question, send a picture of your character with the item at the chest location to a GM, or post a picture on this thread (Picture must be at the chest location to ensure people are not taking multiple items to other players). Please write your name and guild name in the post or message. 3. Pictures and written clues will be given for each item's location. More clues will be given in the beginning, and fewer and fewer will be given as the days go on. The gifts will also increase in value the closer to Christmas it gets. 4. If a GM is not online at the time you find the item and post it, a barrel will be delivered with your gift inside to your claim. 5. The last day of the event will be December 25th. All items placed will stay there for the duration of the event. Any past items can be turned in at anytime for a gift. Details: 1. There could be blood! Because items will be placed all around the land, players are permitted to pvp at chest locations. 2. Be honest! Each player must individually find the chest and post their own photo. If the photo is not at the chest location, then no gift will be given. 3. One per person! Only one gift will be given per person. Alt characters are not eligible to receive a gift. 4. Only take one item from the chest to leave items for others. Players who take all of the items out of the chest to prevent other players from getting one, will forfeit all gifts.
  9. Twice a week there will be objects hidden in out of the way places. A picture will be provided and it is up to you to find them! When you find a geocache, be sure to leave something behind for the next person to find! Please post a picture and brief description of your adventure in this thread. Happy Hunting, Denna
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