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Everything posted by Flyingdolphin

  1. Delphinus Chronomatic Rangers Day 1 Day 2 Day 5 Day 8
  2. Monarchy of the Holler Isle 1. I Delphinus Hue Viscount of the Chronomatic Rangers on behalf of Debra Long ruler of Chronomatic Rangers seek to unite the claims of Holler Isle in the form of a monarchy. I will protect the claims of the Holler to the best of my ability. As the largest group of Holler Isle we wish to establish ourselves as it protector and help these lands prosper. A. Enemy Forces- Any hostile force with the intention of subverting, attacking, or destroying the will and well-being of friendly forces in the Holler Isle. B. Friendly Forces- A
  3. Dear Santa Lilith and her elves, I've been very good getting rid of the evils of the land, uprooting my stumps, not burying logs, keeping the animal population in check, and I would be every so great full to receive any amount of hammer's building kits
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