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  1. Delphinus Chronomatic Rangers Day 1 Day 2 Day 5 Day 8
  2. Monarchy of the Holler Isle 1. I Delphinus Hue Viscount of the Chronomatic Rangers on behalf of Debra Long ruler of Chronomatic Rangers seek to unite the claims of Holler Isle in the form of a monarchy. I will protect the claims of the Holler to the best of my ability. As the largest group of Holler Isle we wish to establish ourselves as it protector and help these lands prosper. A. Enemy Forces- Any hostile force with the intention of subverting, attacking, or destroying the will and well-being of friendly forces in the Holler Isle. B. Friendly Forces- All forces/peoples established in the Holler Isle. C. Attachments and Detachments- All Allies of the forces/peoples of Holler Isle. 2. This document will serve to solidify and outline the following: establishment of the Monarchy of “Monarchy of Holler” in order to unify the forces inhabiting the Holler Isle against all foreign aggressors, define intentions of trade and commerce, and define standards and policy regarding the values we wish to uphold. 3. By signing this document the forces herein agree to the establishment of “The Monarchy of Holler” and agree to the decisions made and policies set forth by it A. - Military/Kinetic endeavor- Citizens may propose the Monarch to go to war against a claim however the Monarch will have the final say. Citizens may decide not to partake in a war but they will receive no reward shall the campaign be successful . Any claims wishing to partake in a raid or war must attend training so we can learn the fight together. If you do not have gear for combat we will distribute equipment to you within reason. Will help level combat skills. Claims may raid to their leisure as long as it is not an ally of the Monarch or there will be a punishment. We will treat our enemies with respect. The only situation that a “weapons free” status will be assumed will be against any force labeled hostile by the Monarch. Violation of this edict will be punishable in accordance with the severity of the act and the final say of the Monarch. During a PvP event all citizens are encouraged to come to our aid should the event be successful rewards will be split evenly among the claims. Tabard colors must be similar. -Trade/Commerce- All trade is welcome to any friendly force from any foreign force. When trading with an enemy drive a hard bargain. This policy will ensure prosperity of the people of the Monarch and curb the influence of hostile forces. -Position/Values- This Monarch will put the well-being and success of the Holler Isle above itself. It will not willingly act in contradiction to its own policy. The Monarch of the Isle will serve as the voice of the people it protects. It will serve to hold us all accountable to the prosperity and honor of those in the Holler Isle. Honesty, respect, and camaraderie are our key values. POLICY 1. Hunting in the Holler is permitted for all residents and allies at all times. Any neutral parties MUST ask for permission. Hostile forces will be treated with hostility. 2. Mining in the Holler is permitted to all residents. Neutral parties MUST request permission 3. Movement through the Holler Isle AO will not be denied at any time unless the denial is of enemy forces. 4. There will be no attempt to recruit any member of an Allied force. The only exception to this policy is if the outside member INITIALLY approaches and requests acceptance into a friendly claim. This policy will serve to quell any issues of poaching. 5. The residents will make every effort to support each other and allies against any routine hostile incursion. 6. THERE WILL BE NO SUBMITING TO THE DEMANDS OF ENEMY FORCES. We come into existence to unite against these treacherous lands and times. We serve the best interests of each other and are each other’s stewards. Through each other’s strength each of us will be strong. BENEFITS 1. This is only available to the people that recognize I Delphinus Hue as their ruler. 2. Food will be distributed in times of need. 3. You will have my entire army's protection. 4. A road will be built to your claim connecting you to Chronomatic Rangers. 5. Blessings and healing will be given upon request. 6. Skilled artisans and craftsman on request will come and complete construction for you for better quality. 7. If needed 100 q trees are needed we can plant some for you.
  3. Dear Santa Lilith and her elves, I've been very good getting rid of the evils of the land, uprooting my stumps, not burying logs, keeping the animal population in check, and I would be every so great full to receive any amount of hammer's building kits
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