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Posts posted by Dane

  1. January Changes

    [NEW] Exile Portal

    • Added vehicles to live map

    [Changes] Exile Portal

    • Optimized some things on the portal

    [NEW] Altis PvE Server

    • Added Extended base mod

    [Changes] Altis PvE Server

    • Changed vote day/night to the following:
      • 66% Minimum vote requirement
      • 75% Popular vote to change to day/night
  2. May Changes

    [NEW] Exile Portal

    • Added a web portal for interacting with the Exile Servers. Can be found here
    • Features:
      • Live Map
      • Vehicle Management
      • Player Marketplace (sell and buy items)
      • Supply Kits
      • Territory Management

    [UPDATE] Infistar

    • Updated infistar to the latest version
    • Added vision client to the server

    [Changes] Spawn Zones

    • Spawn Zones now have 3 vehicles (hatchback and offroad) to help out bambi's

    [Changes] Players

    • Players joining the server will receive 500,000 respect and 1 million pop tabs
  3. Hello,

    We have begun the process of bring back up our games servers. All of our servers will now have the ip: server.old-guys-gaming.com.


    The following have been restored:

    • Minecraft (FTB Revelation 3.2.1 | 1.12.2)
    • Arma 3 Exile Altis
      • Unfortunately the database backup got corrupted in transfer and the server is wiped.
      • We will be giving out respect and and locker funds to help ease the transition
      • We now have an Exile Portal found here, some features are:
        • Live Map
        • Player Marketplace
        • Territory management
        • Vehicle Management
    • Ark Survival Evolved (Map: Ragnarok)


    TeamSpeak will be brought back up within the next couple of days.



  4. Hello,

    All services that were hosted off of have been shutdown due to lack of funding. We are currently working on moving these services to a server that is locally hosted at one of the Owner's homes. This unfortunately wont occur until sometime in May.

    Regards, Dane

  5. Hi Doc,

    Last I recall there should be a method already there,

    Players are able to loaded items in vehicles. See the below change log:

    • Only able to sell directly loaded items (Level 1) 
    • Example:
      • Hunter has a tow tractor  and crate loaded inside
        • Tow Tractor has a crate loaded
      • Selling the hunter's loaded cargo will result in the losing the profit for the crate inside the tow tractor 
  6. Hotwire and the scanner are indeed disabled. An official stance on why announcing missions in side chat is a language issue. Multiple nationalities play Arma with different language capabilities. Which is why it is not required to announce in side chat. You should be checking for marks on the map to see who is doing what mission. 

  7. As of 1925 EST 18 Aug 2018 - this thread is now locked by OGG Staff. Only the names on the Rosters above this post may use the War PVP rules. As well, only the names in the Rosters above may participate in the Pitched Battle and any Sieges that take place.

  8. Helm's Deep has been notified of the war declaration and are aware of it.  As of this post the war between FIRST LEGION AURELIAN and HELM'S DEEP is now LIVE.  24hr window for roster submission begins as of this post.  Each warring party/ally MUST declare their support for one side or the other AND submit their roster in the thread.  When 24hrs are up -  ONLY the rosters submitted PRIOR to the thread lock may participate in the WAR (War pvp rules, pitched battle and siege) - anyone who violates this will be subject to banning by the OGG staff.  Good hunting!

  9. Thanks for the post, the compass isn’t configurable, it just displays a working compass at the top of your screen. I’ll look into removing the base marker for now and add it back when there is.a fix for the XM8 issue 

  10. March Changes

    Altis PvE:

    [UPDATE] Brought the exile version up to 1.0.4

    [NEW] XM8

    • Added GUI compass
    • Added toggeable base markers on map (only shows your base(s))
    • Added Apoc Airdrop Assistance 

    [NEW] Enabled "rainy" and "thunderstorms"

    [NEW] Enabled earthquakes

    [NEW] Added a small amount of server spawned vehicles

    [Changes] XM8

    • AH-1Z's are now called "Viper" instead of "Cobra"
    • Moved Jets that were in the "NonHind" category to the "Jets" category
    • Added categories to BRAmaRecipes

    [FIXED] Issues with the prestige shop



    • Issue with the status bar displaying "anyanyany..."
    • Virtual Garage being blocked by Infistar
    • The return of the feared spawn zone bicycles
    • Unable to sell some vehicles 
    • Issue where the Base Marker app blanks out the xm8
      • removed the app for now
    • Apoc Airdrop Assistance doesn't show any purchase options
    • Unable to revive downed players when having a defibrillator in inventory
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